A d o p T r a c e l l

Post Precision Medicine; After Pharmacogenomics; 

Beyond Biologicals: Adoptive Cell Transfer 


Our business : Finding cures

Adoptive Cell Transfer Therapies for Organ-Specific Preservation/Recovery from Allo/Auto-Immunity

AdopTracell is a Biotech/Pharmaceutical start-up company based upon patented foundational technologies. This university spinoff company primarily focuses on development of chimeric antigen receptor (CAR) regulatory T cells (Treg) capable of recognizing relevant human autoantigens resulting in effector T cell (Teff) downregulation and tolerance induction.


Our Technology

Restoring Health

The “first-of-its-kind” product is being developed for antigen-specific immune-regulation and consequent recovery/reconstitution of pancreatic islet beta cells to reverse Type 1 Diabetes as shown below on histological specimens of pancreas of untreated (top) or treated (CAR-M Treg, left panel. CAR-N Treg, right panel) subjects.


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